Unfortunately, ISB does not accept the following donations:

  • Clothing items
  • Household appliances
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
Please contact Helping Hand for Relief and Development by visiting the following link: https://app.hhrd.org/contactus. Below are the Maryland HHRD Office details:

Maryland Office & In-Kind Center
1817 Whitehead Rd
Woodlawn, MD 21207
(301) 685-3565

If you would like to donate vehicles or trucks, you can visit the following website: www.cars4jannah.com/ISB. A donation will mean that you can deduct the full value of the vehicle on your tax return. Plus, you get the aj’r (good deeds) of helping your local community center. Cars4Jannah is an initiative of multiple masajid in the DMV. The ISB receives a percentage of the value of each donated vehicle.